Public Workshops

​Landmark has partnered with CBP-Software and CloseReach Ltd.of Ottawa to offer a variety of "hands-on" training workshops:

​ > a half-day online workshop on "Improved Costing & Budgeting using Activity-Based Planning"

> a 2-day in-class workshop on "Optimizing Program and Service Delivery via Improved Operational Costing"

CPA Canada Public Offerings

Landmark has partnered with CPA Canada to offer "Virtual Classroom" workshops on "Better Costing, Better Operational Planning and Budgeting" (private sector),  "Effective Operational Planning and Budgeting in the Public Sector" and "Enhancing Public Sector Program and Service Delivery through Operational Costing". These 3-hour verifiable CPD hands-on workshops offer participants an overview of the importance of linking operational resources and budgets to organizational goals and supporting performance targets. Non-finance and non-CPA members are welcome and in fact, encouraged to attend to better understand the opportunities for collaborative business planning.

​CPA Canada and CPA Nova Scotia also host Landmark's in-depth 2-day hands-on workshop on Implementing Collaborative Planning and Cost Modeling at various times throughout the year. For more information or to register for this workshop, please contact Mike Haley.

Customized In-house Training

Training is also available as customized in-house workshops where participants can work on current business issues to further enhance their understanding. Examples include:

 > Veterans Affairs Canada - 2-day Workshop on “Performance Alignment ” (Charlottetown)

​ > Infrastructure Canada
- 1-day Executive Workshop on “Integrated Business Planning” (Ottawa)

 > Canadian Border Services Agency - 2-day Workshop on “Performance Alignment Fundamentals” (Ottawa)

 > Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council - 1-day Executive Workshop on “Performance Leadership” (Ottawa)

 > Parks Canada - ½-Day workshop  on “Fundamentals of Efficiency Management” (Ottawa)

 > Service Canada – 1-day Workshop on “Integrated Performance Management” (Ottawa)

> Dalhousie University - International Oceans Institute (IOI) Annual Training Workshops on “Performance Alignment Fundamentals” (Halifax)

> New Zealand Federal Government 1-day Workshop “Applying Integrated Performance Management in Government” (New Zealand)

> Saint Mary’s and York University Professional 2-day Workshops “Implementing Activity Based Management” (Halifax & Toronto)

Virtual and In-class Training


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 Performance Alignment Solutions

Landmark has partnered with BarringtonOPS to offer two 1-hour free webinars on "Enhancing Lean Implementations with Activity-based Planning" on Monday, May 25th from Noon - 1pm EDT. More information/registration here.

Landmark will also be speaking at the Consortium for Advanced Management - International (CAM-I) Virtual Quarterly Meeting on June 9th. The entire 1/2 day morning program is free and open to any guess interested in the topic of "Strategy and Foresight". More information/registration here.