ABP for Enhancing Lean - this 1.5-day online workshop co-hosted with CAM-I and Barrington OPS, covers the fundamentals of Activity-Based Planning (ABP) and Lean DMAIC and how they can be merged into a comprehensive approach for business modeling, resource management and process improvement. Participants will gain experience in using ABP-Lean concepts to build operational models that aid in the identification/elimination of waste. 

Landmark partnered with Barrington OPS to deliver a recorded 45 minute webinar for the American Society of Quality (ASQ) - Canada on "Enhancing Lean Implementations with Activity-based Planning"​​

Recorded Webinar

COMING SOON - ABP Awareness - this 3-hour On-Demand workshop, delivered in partnership with CAM-I and hosted by K2E.com, covers the basics of activity-based planning (ABP) and how it can be used to enhance resource deployment, cost management, and operational planning. Through use of a case study, participants will learn how to apply ABP principles to gain better insights into resource consumption and utilization.

Landmark Decisions has partnered with the  Consortium for Advanced Management - International (CAM-I)CPA Canada, Barrington OPS, CBP-Software, and CloseReach to offer a variety of workshops all focused on Activity-Based Planning (ABP). The ABP methodology which focuses on resource/cost optimization, was popularized in research conducted by the CAM-I in its ground-breaking work on “The Closed Loop”. Operational models created using ABP concepts show how resource costs can be traced through business processes to develop detailed service delivery information for the determination of true product costs, service fees and budgets. These models can also be used for “what-if” analysis to better forecast the cost and impact of changes in business processes or client demands.

CPA Canada Training

Landmark delivers two "Virtual Classroom" workshops on "Effective Operational Planning and Budgeting in the Public Sector" and "Enhancing Public Sector Program and Service Delivery through Operational Costing". These 3-hour verifiable CPD hands-on workshops offer participants an overview of the importance of linking operational resources and budgets to organizational goals and supporting performance targets. Non-CPA members are welcome to attend to better understand the opportunities for collaborative business planning.

Training Workshops

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Implementing ABP/CBP - This two-day workshop co-hosted by CBP-Software, is offered to assist organizations better understand the critical success factors associated with driving a “Business Process Improvement” culture in their organizations. Through the use of real-world examples and an interactive “hands-on” case study, participants come away with “ready to apply” tips and techniques to enhance efficiency and costing initiatives in their organizations.