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 Performance Alignment Solutions

Over the past 25 years, Landmark has delivered all of these services to over 150 clients in six continents. Landmark also has experience in many fields such as government, telecommunication, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food processing, distribution, and financial service industries.

Assessments - Landmark employs it's Performance Alignment Maturity Model (PAMM) to help organizations understand their current level of integrated performance maturity. In this fashion, we can develop a customized blueprint that address gaps and disconnects and provide a detailed action plan on how to get started or accelerate your performance achievement goals.

Implementation Support - larger scale performance improvement initiatives generally require strong internal engagement and experienced external support to avoid the pitfalls common in many enterprise change management efforts. Landmark offers 25+ years of expertise in working with clients on organization-wide performance improvement programs.

Consulting Services - Landmark can assist in the development of performance content through the facilitation of design sessions around strategic/operational performance measurement, logic model creation or validation, business process mapping and optimization, implementing improved cost management practices, and utilizing state-of-the-art performance technology solutions.

Training and Educational Services - to be truly successful in implementing and sustaining any performance improvement initiative, all employees, from senior management through to front-line workers, need to understand basic concepts and more importantly, their role in achieving organizational performance success. Landmark has 25+ years experience in developing and delivering public and customized in-house training packages to enable organizations to succeed.

Landmark offer's a variety of services to assist clients on initiating, improving, and/or sustaining Performance Alignment initiatives: