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Mike Haley, M.Sc.

Performance Architect

Landmark Decisions  (Halifax) 


Learning Objectives: By the end of this webinar, you will:

Webinar Overview: Lean is a well-established approach for identifying and reducing the waste that occurs in every business process. It helps organizations pinpoint exactly where inefficiencies exist. Owing to its collaborative nature, it also provides multi-functional teams a means to design and implement process improvement initiatives that can increase organizational productivity and enhance service delivery.




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Activity-based planning (ABP) focuses on the key business process levers that ultimately dictate resource requirements and resultant costs and profitability. It models how an organization’s products and/or services are supporting by its activities and resources, including where operational constraints often limit output.

This webinar will cover the basics of both Lean and ABP and show how these two techniques can be optimized with a combined implementation methodology. It will also demonstrate how innovative ABP software can be used to augment this integrated approach. Finally, the presentation will provide a real-life illustration of an organization that has applied Lean and ABP to improve business processes in support of meeting their strategic goals.

Gary Cox, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

BarringtonOPS (Halifax)


Combined, Lean and ABP reinforce each other to magnify their respective benefits. Process information derived from typical Lean investigations can be readily used within an ABP model to more accurately simulate the operational impact, cost and profitability of potential process improvements. This provides organizations with better foresight to evaluate and prioritize Lean initiatives before they are enacted.

​- understand the linkage between Lean and ABP methodologies and how they complement each other for optimizing business processes and better understanding costs

- recognize the value of collaborative scenario-playing to evaluate efficiency improvements that align with Lean business process improvement initiatives

- appreciate the value of using ABP software to support Lean initiatives for collaborative business process opportunities

Enhancing Lean Implementations with Activity-Based Planning