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Define – understand the problem(s) within the processes and conduct a strategic and operational assessment to determine the best opportunities for business process improvements and utilize a proven methodology to tackle them
Measure – recognize non-value-added activities within a process and how to collect and validate operational, financial, and performance data to model current and future state processes
Analyze – evaluate model results and explore operational and financial relationship to help recognize root causes for waste (non-value-added work) and other process problems
Improve – identify process improvement ideas and test/evaluate potential solutions to assess the impact on throughput, quality, resources, costs and profitability
Control – develop strategies to sustain a Lean-ABP program and move towards a continuous improvement culture through understanding leading performance and quality indicators

A “Hands-On” Virtual Workshop (delivered in three ½ day sessions)

October 27-29, 2020  ​9:30am - 1pm ADT

Participants will receive a White-Belt certification in both Lean and ABP concepts


Implementing Lean Activity Based Planning for Business Process Improvement

This 1.5 day online workshop presented by Barrington OPS and Landmark Decisions, covers the fundamentals of Lean and Activity-Based Planning (ABP) and how they can be merged into a comprehensive approach for business modeling, resource management and process improvement. Following the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC approach, combining Lean and ABP offer a means to:

> operational managers, planners and analysts challenged with optimizing business processes
> financial and resource management professionals responsible for product/service/program costing or budgeting
> strategic managers, planners and analysts responsible for charting future organizational direction and performance

Workshop Certification:

Instructors:  Logan Baillie,Barrington OPS and Mike Haley,Landmark Decisions (click here for more info on the instructors)

by the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

Who Should Attend:

Key Learning Objectives:

> understand the basics of the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC approach to problem solving and how Activity-Based Planning enhances any Lean implementation

> realize the benefits of this integrated and structured methodology to identify, test and evaluate the cost savings of Lean initiatives for business process improvement

> evaluate the impact of resource constraints on process efficiency, product/service costs, profitability and budgets

> appreciate the value of using Lean-ABP software for collaborative business needs



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