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Landmark Decisions

 Performance Alignment Solutions

Landmark’s approach to consulting emphasizes education, coaching, and technology transfer. We work side-by-side with our clients to identify issues, propose and implement solutions, and engage others in the organization to ensure project sustainability. Landmark’s 25+ years of consulting experience offers a wide range of inter-related expertise, all towards improving organizational effectiveness through better operational and strategic management. Core competencies include:


     > Activity-Based Planning                                   > Operational Planning & Budgeting               > Process Mapping


     > Costing & Analysis                                           > Performance Management                             > Logic Modeling


     > Frameworks & Models                                      > Scorecarding & Dashboards                         > Data Analysis

     > Performance Indicator Development              >  Efficiency Indicators                                     > Service Standards


In recent years, Landmark has focused on leveraging all of these disciplines into a comprehensive Performance Alignment practice that helps all levels of the organization see the “Big Picture”. In this fashion, each employee can better understand their role in achieving strategic and/or operational goals and engage in the development of information systems that provide ready feedback for decision-making. 


On large engagements, Landmark’s consulting services are often complimented by additional skills offered through our partner network. These services include strategic and/or operational plan development, program evaluation, facilitation and stakeholder/public engagement strategies, management and leadership development, and project management. 


In short, Landmark has the skills, methodologies, partnerships, and experience to ensure performance achievement success!