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Strategic Alliance Announcement – October 2018

Landmark Decisions Inc. is pleased to announce their new strategic alliance with CloseReach Ltd. to market, train and support the new QualiWare-based Collaborative Business Planning (CBP) solution.    

Landmark Decisions Inc. is a Canadian-based niche consulting and training firm focused on techniques to assist in organizational performance improvement such as business process management, resource planning and capacity management, activity-based costing/management, and strategic/operational planning and performance reporting. Landmark also partners with leading technology firms focused on solutions to operationalize these concepts.

CloseReach Ltd. is a Canadian consulting, training and software company headquartered in Ottawa.  As QualiWare ApS’ Strategic Channel Partner in Canada and Government of Canada Enterprise Architecture (EA) Solution provider, CloseReach delivers high-value Business/Enterprise Architecture, Business Excellence, Quality and Process Management software, training and professional services. The Collaborative Business Planning software solution developed by CloseReach is a powerful adjunct to the QualiWare platform adopted by the Government of Canada enabling organizations to truly understand and manage the impacts of organizational transformation and digital innovation

Mike Haley, President of Landmark elaborates “We are excited to have formalized this new alliance with CloseReach thereby giving our federal government clients ready access to a solid operational modeling and costing toolset which leverages one of the world’s leading Enterprise Architecture and Business Management technologies, Qualiware. The Collaborative Business Planning (CBP) module allows us to help clients build effective business process models that provide valuable insights into both operational and financial improvement opportunities.”

Kevin O’Rourke, President of CloseReach states: “Landmark is a well-established consulting firm of subject matter experts with many years of operational modeling and cost management expertise. We are excited to have them as both a thought leader and collaborator in the continued evolution of our Collaborative Business Planning software solution.

This strategic alliance will allow Landmark to provide leading edge software to their federal government client base to facilitate the development and use of enhanced process and cost information for improving organizational performance.

For more information, please contact:

Mike Haley, President – Landmark Decisions at mhaley@landmark.ca or +1.902.499.5425

Kevin O’Rourke, President – CloseReach Ltd. at kevin.orourke@closereach.ca or +1.613.505.0229


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