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Strategic Alliance Announcement – April 2020

​Landmark Decisions Inc. is pleased to announce their new strategic alliance with BarringtonOPS to offer activity-based planning/costing expertise as part of Barrington’s Lean Six Sigma practice. The partnership will also extend Landmark’s service offerings to bring top-notch Lean implementation expertise to its existing and future client base.

Landmark Decisions Inc. is a Canadian-based niche consulting and training firm focused on techniques to assist in organizational performance improvement such as business process management, resource planning and capacity management, activity-based planning/cost management, and strategic/operational planning and performance reporting. Landmark also partners with leading technology firms, includingCollaborative Business Planning (CBP), that focus on solutions to operationalize these concepts.

BarringtonOPS is a division of Barrington Consulting Group, a leading IT and Management consulting firm with offices in Halifax, Fredericton, St. John's, and Port of Spain, Trinidad. BarringtonOPS specializes in Lean Six Sigma and performance training, process improvement consulting and facilitation including operational reviews, performance coaching and personal productivity training.

Lean is a well-established approach for identifying and reducing the waste that occurs in every business process. It helps organizations pinpoint exactly where inefficiencies exist. Owing to its collaborative nature, it also provides multi-functional teams a means to design and implement process improvement initiatives that can increase organizational productivity and enhance service delivery.

Activity-based planning (ABP) focuses on the key business process levers that ultimately dictate resource requirements and resultant costs and profitability. It models how an organization’s products and/or services are supporting by its activities and resources, including where operational constraints often limit output.

Combined, Lean and ABP reinforce each other to magnify their respective benefits. Process information derived from typical Lean investigations can be readily used within an ABP model to more accurately simulate the operational impact, cost and profitability of potential process improvements. This provides organizations with better foresight to evaluate and prioritize Lean initiatives before they are enacted.

Mike Haley, President of Landmark elaborates on this new alliance: “We are excited to have formalized this new alliance with BarringtonOPS thereby offering our collective client base an innovative operational modeling and costing toolset to complement Lean process improvement initiatives. The Collaborative Business Planning (CBP) module we use helps clients build effective business process models that provide valuable insights into both operational and financial improvement opportunities.”

Robert Newcombe, Associate Partner at BarringtonOPS also states “Landmark is a well-established consulting firm with many years of operational modeling and cost management expertise. We are excited to work with them as both a thought leader and collaborator on integrating activity-based planning concepts and the Collaborative Business Planning software solution into our service offerings.”

For more information, please contact:

Mike Haley, President – Landmark Decisions at or 1.902.499.5425

Robert Newcombe, Associate Partner – Barrington Consulting at or 1.902.233.8491