CPA Canada Public Offerings

Landmark has partnered with CPA Canada to offer two "Virtual Classroom" workshops on Effective Operational Planning and Budgeting for both the private and public sectors. These 3-hour hands-on workshops offer participants an overview of the importance of linking operational resources and budgets to organizational goals and supporting performance targets. Non-finance and non-CPA members are welcome and in fact, encouraged to attend to better understand the opportunities for collaborative business planning.

CPA Nova Scotia will also be hosting Landmark's in-depth 2-day hands-on workshop on Implementing Collaborative Planning and Cost Modeling on Feb 7-8, 2019 in Halifax. For more information or to register for this workshop, click here.

Other Public Offerings

Landmark has partnered with CloseReach Ltd.of Ottawa to offer a 2-day "hands-on" workshop on Collaborative Business Planning & Costing Fundamentals. More details on the workshop including dates and registration are available on the CloseReach website.

Training is also available as customized in-house workshops where participants can work on current business issues to further enhance their understanding. Examples include:

> Veterans Affairs Canada - 2-day Workshop on “Performance Alignment ” (Charlottetown)

​ > Infrastructure Canada
- 1-day Executive Workshop on “Integrated Business Planning” (Ottawa)

 > Canadian Border Services Agency - 2-day Workshop on “Performance Alignment Fundamentals” (Ottawa)

 > Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council - 1-day Executive Workshop on “Performance Leadership” (Ottawa)

 > Parks Canada - ½-Day workshop  on “Fundamentals of Efficiency Management” (Ottawa)

 > Veterans Affairs Canada – 2-Hr workshop on “Performance Alignment Basics” (Charlottetown)

 > Service Canada – 1-day Workshop on “Integrated Performance Management” (Ottawa)

Since 1994, Landmark has delivered a wide variety of Performance Management workshops with training partners worldwide:

> Dalhousie University - International Oceans Institute (IOI) Annual Training Workshops on “Performance Alignment Fundamentals” (Halifax)

> New Zealand Federal Government 1-day Workshop “Applying Integrated Performance Management in Government” (New Zealand)

> Saint Mary’s and York University Professional 2-day Workshops “Implementing Activity Based Management” (Halifax & Toronto)

> Saint Mary’s and York University Professional 2-day Workshops on “Implementing the Balanced Scorecard” (Halifax & Toronto)



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